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Olenka Joyce – BSc, BCA, CIBTAC, CIDESCO

Working out of a space of calm and simplicity Olenka brings knowledge and a genuine aspiration to effect lasting change in the lives of her clients. With extensive education in Biology and Spa Therapies, this practitioner believes that investing in your health means you don’t have to deal with illness.


Bringing experience as a boutique business owner with a background in physiology, embryology and dance instruction, Olenka imparts a space of stillness and meditation which operates to protect and heal in these times of constant busyness, stress and over use of technology. Imparting a quiet strength, Olenka is passionate about helping you to invest in yourself so you can perform at your best. This practitioner believes strongly that you can’t pour from an empty cup, that in our desire to care for others we must first care for ourselves.


Enjoying movement as meditation, Olenka is passionate about dancing, and exploring new ways to move outdoors such as mountain biking, dirt biking and motorbike riding!

Louise Ferguson – CIBTAC, CIDESCO

Louise brings professional training and extensive experience combined with exceptional warmth and intuitive healing practice. Providing a joyful and calming experience, this practitioner brings each client to a place where the treatment continues past the appointment. Imparting relaxation and rejuvenation and empowering you to carry the work forward in your daily routine, Louise opens up awareness, aids presence and grows healthful intention with her touch.

Having a regular daily spiritual yoga practise is important to Louise helping to keep her mindful and ensuring self-care.  Louise embraces her age and she feels with age comes learning, experiencing life’s challenges and being present, truly loving the good and accepting the not so perfect without judgment.


The love of family and friends is pivotal to happiness and Louise’s youngest family member is Flo a four-legged bundle of fluff that brings so much joy to her life.

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