We are a therapeutic facial massage clinic

specialising in stress reduction,
natural rejuvenation,

and visibly enhanced skin function

Our highly skilled practitioners offer three specialised treatments

which flex with your changing requirements, each visit delivers a nourishing,

customised experience.​

We specialise in skin health, and wellness as part of your daily

dedication to balanced and joyful living.



why we choose to offer 3 treatments

Our work is inspired by nature and a desire to empower women with a combination of scientific knowledge and intuitive nurturing.

The approach we have carefully chosen is innovative, we no longer believe that you need to choose from a menu which complicates your skincare routine and confuses your body, our ethos is one of genuine care as a long term proposition.

We know you are focused on achieving freedom from stress and damage, and we are excited to see you grow stronger as part of a smart ageing journey.

Our treatments are naturally combined with healthful eating and activity to increase motivation and serenity whilst working towards your best skin ever.

Skin Therapy practitioners provide skilful delivery and customised care - we approach the repair and rejuvenation of your skin as a part of rebalancing of the whole body.  The clinic operates as knowledgeable, open and nurturing and our desire is to collaborate with you as part of your intelligent routine of self-care practice.



Natural Face Lift Treatment

Massage-centered, toxin-free lifting treatment of the face and neck, allowing for a more sculpted, less puffy appearance

Face, Head & Shoulder Massage

Firm, slow and  grounding, or, energising & uplifting massage to assist with becoming present and letting go of stress and  tension

Skin Treatment Facial

Cleansing, hydrating & re-balancing treatment of the face, neck and decollete to reveal your best skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated


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Tuesday to Friday -

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1/310 Tinakori Rd, Thorndon,

Wellington, NZ 6011